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Over the past 20 years, GDF has awarded $55,000 to 50 students and dietetic interns, $17,303 for professional development grants, and $4,500 for five professional development stipends.

Finding additional funds for your nutrition education has never been easier!

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Having the honor of receiving the 2017-2018 Ellen Jurgen Memorial Scholarship has allowed me to pursue interests related to dietetics more so than I would have been able to living within the traditional financial confines of intern life. Dietetic internships are the final leg of realizing a dream, but they require sacrifices. I know I've had an enhanced experience because of my ability to say 'yes' to education related activities like study materials, textbooks, and conference admission because of the generous support from the Georgia Dietetic Foundation."

Brittany Summerlin, MPH

Dietetic Intern
Emory University Hospitals

Receiving the GDF scholarship was almost as exciting as hearing that I was accepted into a dietetic internship. Knowing that I would not be generating income during the next nine months, I prepared by saving a significant amount from each work check leading up to the internship. Even with my savings, the financial stress still hovered over me. The generous scholarship allowed me to afford luxuries, such as a parking pass, that I had not considered in my budget. With this scholarship, I was also able to afford healthcare for unexpected health problems that arose throughout the year, without obliterating my finances. I am so, so grateful for this scholarship because it helped create some peace of mind associated with the internship.”

Cecilia Tran, MS

Dietetic Intern
Emory University Hospitals

The GDF scholarship has provided me with the financial resources to complete my Masters degree and Dietetic Internship. This scholarship helped cover books and program fees for these past two years that I would have otherwise had to pay for out of pocket, allowing me to allocate my resources towards completing my School Nutrition Director's Certification. It has been a huge blessing and really has made an impact on my journey to becoming a Registered Dietitian!

Emily Rollins

Dietetic Intern/Graduate Student
University of Georgia

The Georgia Dietetic Foundation Scholarship opened numerous doors for me this year. While already in debt after paying my way through my undergraduate and master's degrees, my goal during my dietetic internship was to pay as I went and avoid additional loans. GDF made that goal possible. With this scholarship and my summer savings in hand, I was able to pay for my first semester in full and save enough money during that time to do the same for my second semester. Thanks to GDF's generosity, I saved a minimum of $600 in interest fees during the year, stayed on top of my bills and other expenses, and was able to put all my mental, physical, and emotional effort toward my internship and learning experiences. The financial freedom this scholarship awarded me was truly priceless!

Lo Bannerman

Dietetic Intern
Augusta University

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